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Turkmenistan: British complaint bores into murky world of spyware usage

Think Skype is a secure way to make a call? Think again. That smartphone in your pocket? It could be a portable bug. And the camera on your laptop screen? You might consider covering it with duct tape. Read More »

Central Asia & Caucasus: The Promise and Pitfalls of New Election Technologies

In announcing that Georgia’s parliamentary elections would take place October 1, President Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration affirmed its commitment to conduct what one official said would be an “exemplary” vote. New technologies are helping election monitors hold officials to such pledges, but they still have limitations, experts say. Read More »

Russian website offers free crowdsourced legal advice

The Russian online group “Nepofigism” (a neologism that loosely translates to “giving a damn” or “not being ambivalent”) offers a free legal consulting service. The project’s creators designate no particular direction for the consulting. Their aim is to offer real help to people with any type of problem. The site is a space for professionals and ordinary Internet users with various legal and everyday problems (such as violations of consumer rights, labor laws, and family law). Read More »

Social Innovation Camp Moldova 2012 comes to a conclusion

Aug 7, 2012

How to run an innovation event? Ask Moldovans. Read More »

Hungarian community news site takes on neglected fire hydrants

Aug 2, 2012

Dávid Fáber is the founder of nagyková [hu], a community news site of Nagykovácsi, a small town in Hungary’s Pest County. The fire that broke out on March 28 on the local Kutya mountain mobilized not only the firefighters, but users of’s forum as well. Below is the interview with Mr. Fáber, who started the Nagykovácsi Citizen Fire Hydrant Task Force. Read More »

Online platforms coordinate aid for Russian flood victims

Floods in Kuban, Russia, have completely destroyed 640 homes, with more than 5,000 partially submerged. According to data from the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs’ Crisis Centre, the natural disaster had killed 150 people as of July 8. Read More »

Sheep to go hi-tech in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is counting sheep; not to go to sleep, however. The South Caucasus country, known for its strong taste for lamb, is corralling its sheep and all other livestock into a national database, complete with personal profiles. Read More »

Bulgarian PM Boyko invites “Boykometer” creators for a chat

A few days ago, the web site (The Politician; bg), created by prominent Bulgarian bloggers Komitata(Konstantin Pavlov) and Asen Genov, became the subject of the government’s attention. Komitata wrote about it here [bg]. Read More »

For Russian mobile giant, Uzbekistan is hard-knocks déjà vu

If you’re Russian mobile operator MTS, finding yourself threatened by another hostile Central Asian dictatorship must feel like a sick joke. But this time it’s Uzbekistan — not Turkmenistan — where MTS faces the unpredictable business culture of an authoritarian country.

Crime-fighting tool sparks legality issues

The number of people who are wiretapped in Serbia and the Southeast European region has increased over the years, mainly due to countries’ desire to fight organised crime and corruption. However, the crime-fighting tool is not always being implemented legally. Read More »

Site taps crowdsourcing to find missing children in Russia

Jun 29, 2012

The emergence of the search and rescue team Liza Alert [ru] is hardly a typical story for the Web.

Read More »

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