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Russia struggles with censorship concerns

Apr 24, 2012

A showdown seems to be fast approaching in Russia, where state authorities are moving closer to widening Internet censorship. Claiming that Western influences are creating instability in Russia through the Internet, major political figures in Russia have invoked the experience of the Arab Spring to justify increased state intervention.

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Social media fuels global sleuth challenge

Apr 17, 2012

The TAG Challenge, a social media competition simulating an international manhunt, has finished in less than a day with three out of the five suspects found. Read More »

Piano Media says Slovenia paywall a success so far

Apr 6, 2012

Piano Media’s national paywall, active for a year in Slovakia, has released their first month’s figures from the recent expansion into Slovenia. The paywall exceeded its goal of signing up 20,000 Slovenians, or 1 percent of the country, gaining 25,000 members and raising €26,000 in revenue. Read More »

Serbian journalists, activists develop online presence

Mar 30, 2012

Serbian journalists, human rights activists, and media specialists met in Belgrade this month to help develop their online presence.

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Estonia considers using social media in court

Mar 26, 2012

The Estonian Justice Ministry has proposed an amendment that, if passed, would allow Estonian courts to deliver subpoenas via email, Facebook, and Twitter.   Read More »

Bulgaria moves towards a paperless government

Mar 19, 2012
In a move towards the technological cutting edge , Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has become the country’s first paperless institution, according to

Facebook, news websites blocked in Tajikistan

Mar 6, 2012

Several websites, including Facebook and, have been blocked in Tajikistan. News website Zvezda had recently published articles critical of the Tajik government, including a critique of President Imomali Rakhmon titled ‘Tajikistan on the Eve of a Revolution’. Other blocked websites include and, both of which reposted the article from Zvezda. Read More »

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