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Hackers warn Turkmenistan cybersecurity dreadfully low

Jan 31, 2013

On January 25th, the database of, the domain name registrar responsible for all .tm domain names, was breached. The full database of usernames and passwords was posted on the hackers’ website Read More »

Critics question neutrality of Kazakh Wikipedia

Jan 8, 2013

Ties between the Kazakhstani government and WikiBilim, the NGO founded to promote the expansion of the Kazakh-language version of Wikipedia, have prompted critics of the online encyclopedia to accuse it of providing the Kazakh regime with an opportunity to use the website as a propaganda machine. Read More »

Uzbekistan targets proxy servers in continued Net crackdown

Oct 12, 2012

Internet users in Uzbekistan have reported being blocked from accessing proxy servers, according to Uznews.
Read More »

New Yandex browser escalates Russia’s search-engine wars

Oct 10, 2012

Last week Russia’s leading search engine Yandex launched its own web browser in an effort to stave off attempts by search giant Google to gain market share in Russia’s increasingly lucrative Internet space. Read More »

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