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U.S. bloggers courted to whitewash Ukraine’s Party of Regions

Jul 26, 2013

A proxy group working for Ukraine’s ruling Party of Regions organized a stealth public relations campaign in the States, contacting American conservative bloggers and paying them for favorable posts across social media platforms, according to BuzzFeed. The campaign started around the time of last fall’s parliamentary elections.

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Uzbek entrepreneurs launch new social media site

Jul 23, 2013

Three Uzbek entrepreneurs have founded a new picture-sharing social media site called Modera, according to the Sacramento Press.

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SICamp makes its third Central Asian appearance in Tajikistan

Tajikistan hosted the third Central Asian Social Innovation Camp this year between 29 June and 3 July outside of Dushanbe. Read More »

Trading the Bachelor’s thesis for … Wikipedia

Typically, university students are warned to avoid citing Wikipedia in essays.

However, a few particularly forward-looking universities in Poland and Ukraine are urging their students to write articles for Wikipedia, rather than employing Wikipedia quotes for essays that would probably just ‘gather dust’ once they’ve been graded, according to the Global Post.

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Kazakhstan in the dark over TV digitization

Jun 26, 2013

While digital media use continues to grow in Kazakhstan, its citizens are being kept in the dark on the digitization of broadcast TV, according to Open Society Foundation.  And while the number of Kazakh netizens has increased dramatically, they still continue  to face significant restriction over their online access.

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Kazakhstan suffers cyber attack

Jun 20, 2013

Kazakh citizens are under cyber attack. The attack in question is delivered through phishing emails, and is thought to be driven by an advanced persistent threat (APT) organisation, via software called NetTraveler.

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Revealing e-book shares Azerbaijan’s political secrets

Jun 18, 2013

An e-book produced by the ‘International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) has been made freely available online and is aimed at pinpointing corruption in offshore accounts. In an effort to spread this information and to shed light on those involved, including a Kazakh banking tycoon and Russian corporate executive, the e-book details cases of corruption as well as providing summaries on those involved, and the information is spreading. Read More »

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