Gamers cry foul over too many Soviet stereotypes

Aug 7, 2013

Despite receiving positive reviews following its release, ‘Company of Heroes 2’, the sequel to the extremely popular RTS (real-time strategy) game by Relic, has recently elicited a strong backlash emanating from countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States that has cut to the very heart of historical accuracy and regional politics, according to the video game news site Polygon. Read More »

Social Media in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict

Social media have become one of the few places where young people from Armenia and Azerbaijan can meet. Yet, not without risks Read More »

Video games hit too close to home in Armenia, Bosnia

Aug 29, 2012

For many video-game players, the European wars of the 1990s may seem like ancient history. One new game, however, is aimed at players well aware that fighting continues in real life, and others are set in ethnically riven Bosnia, in what may be the latest trend in the gaming industry. Read More »

Central Asia & Caucasus: The Promise and Pitfalls of New Election Technologies

In announcing that Georgia’s parliamentary elections would take place October 1, President Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration affirmed its commitment to conduct what one official said would be an “exemplary” vote. New technologies are helping election monitors hold officials to such pledges, but they still have limitations, experts say. Read More »

Armenian politicians learn to ‘like’ Facebook

Apr 18, 2012

YEREVAN | A new flag is flying proudly these days alongside the Armenian national flag at opposition rallies for Armenia’s 6 May parliamentary elections, and it is the flag of Facebook. The U.S.-based social network is proving an increasingly handy tool for shaking up Armenia’s ossified election system  – both for exposing abuses and for campaigning – and political parties and voters alike are eager to claim allegiance.

Read More »

Armenia’s first Social Innovation Camp

Jan 3, 2012

The following is a guest post from Glen Mehn, managing director of Social Innovation Camp, about a recent camp in Armenia. My fault, with a crazy December, in not getting this up earlier. From Glen:

Social Innovation Camp, in coordination with UNDP Armenia, the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, Internews Armenia, and USAID, has helped run a Social Innovation Camp in Armenia.

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