Bosnia and Herzegovina

Balkans reaffirm commitment to data protection

Sep 19, 2012

It should come as no surprise that the EU considers the protection of personal data as a fundamental right guaranteed by a number of international and national legal acts. These laws cover the right to have private and family life respected, the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, and the free movement of such data. Read More »

Video games hit too close to home in Armenia, Bosnia

Aug 29, 2012

For many video-game players, the European wars of the 1990s may seem like ancient history. One new game, however, is aimed at players well aware that fighting continues in real life, and others are set in ethnically riven Bosnia, in what may be the latest trend in the gaming industry. Read More »

Wiretapping increases across the EU and beyond

Jul 27, 2012

Wiretapping and retention of users’ data by government agencies has increased across Europe in the last years. The trend has been thoroughly analyzed in a report by the European Commission. Read More »

Crime-fighting tool sparks legality issues

The number of people who are wiretapped in Serbia and the Southeast European region has increased over the years, mainly due to countries’ desire to fight organised crime and corruption. However, the crime-fighting tool is not always being implemented legally. Read More »

Using technology to increase political accountability

Feb 29, 2012

Earlier this month, TOL Executive Director Jeremy Druker participated in the Point conference, a three-day meetup on social media and political accountability in Sarajevo.   Read More »

Alaveteli: right-to-know software made easy

Feb 27, 2012

As interest has heightened across the region to launch freedom-of-information sites, one group is moving to make it infinitely easier to get such sites off the ground.

Read More »

Mapping genocide

Jun 24, 2011

On June 17, Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina launched an interactive online tool that maps the 1995 Srebrenica genocide, relying on documentary animation, video footage, and narration to provide a new educational model for the interpretation and understanding of the massacre. Read More »

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