Bulgarian Facebook group helps police the police

Nov 2, 2012

A new Facebook group, called “Photograph a Policeman”  is making waves in the Bulgarian media. Read More »

Macedonia, Bulgaria: Social Media Users Help Expose Forgery

Sep 7, 2012

A fact-checking intervention – a joint effort by Macedonian and Bulgarian social media users – has helped independent journalists expose forged documents used as lure for suspicious humanitarian donations. Read More »

Bulgaria e-gov project to shine light on government spending

Jul 24, 2012

Bulgaria will start publishing daily data on government spending in August as part of the country’s Open Government Initiative. The Ministry of Finance will post .xls spreadsheets with information on fund transfers to ministries, municipalities, universities, and other public organizations. Read More »

Bulgarian PM Boyko invites “Boykometer” creators for a chat

A few days ago, the web site Politikat.net (The Politician; bg), created by prominent Bulgarian bloggers Komitata(Konstantin Pavlov) and Asen Genov, became the subject of the government’s attention. Komitata wrote about it here [bg]. Read More »

Bulgaria sets finish line for e-gov project

Jun 13, 2012

Bulgaria’s largest e-government project, which will enable the sharing of electronic data between more than 30 public registers, should be finalized by May 2013, according to Novinite. Read More »

Bulgaria moves towards a paperless government

Mar 19, 2012
In a move towards the technological cutting edge , Bulgaria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has become the country’s first paperless institution, according to Novinite.com.

Google Street View coming to Bulgaria

Feb 27, 2012

It looks like Bulgaria is the next country for Google’s team to photograph for its Street View project.   Read More »

Cold feet for ACTA in Central Europe

Feb 7, 2012

The Czech and Slovak governments announced on 6 February that they are halting the ratification process for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, an international anti-piracy pact that has attracted increasing controversy over the past few weeks. Read More »

Koobface unmasked: A modern Bulgarian detective story

Jan 31, 2012

There’s not a lot of good detective stories in the world these days. Whether in real life or in the movies, they seem to have been overshadowed by car chases, explosions and government-wide conspiracy stories. Read More »

The digital counter-revolution

Jan 16, 2012

Digitization, hyped as the savior of Eastern European TV, instead is bringing us more of the same old thing. (From Transitions Online) Read More »

Bulgarian police raid torrent sites

Jan 12, 2012

Bulgaria announced that it’s Organized Crime Unit (CDCOC),  have shut down two of the country’s largest torrent sites, according to Novinite. The anti-mafia police raided the homes and arrested the owners of the sites p2pbg.com and elit-bg.com, which officials believed to be responsible for illegally distributing copyrighted films and music .  One of the owners was a minor, according to the article. The article reports that the two sites together have around 750,000 users.

To .bg, or not to .bg, that is the question

Nov 21, 2011

After having been denied several times, Bulgaria is trying again to be able to register Internet domain names in Cyrillic.  The country would like to be able to register websites with the suffix “.бг”, though the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has rejected because of its close resemblance to that of Brazil’s “.br” according to an article in the Bulgarian news agency Novinite.  Read More »

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