Internet trolls a sign of the times for Central Asia?

Feb 18, 2012

As if censorship, blocked access, possible arrest, and even retaliation weren’t bad enough, now Internet users in Central Asia apparently have a new scourge to deal with in their fight to have their voices heard: the dreaded Internet troll. Read More »

Crowdsourcing tapped in initiative to add Kyrgyz to Google Translate

Dec 14, 2011

Kyrgyz speakers recruited on Facebook and other social networking sites have submitted nearly 30,000 pairs of texts in Kyrgyz and English in an effort aimed at getting Google to add Kyrgyz to the list of languages available on its automatic translation site.

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Twitter used to free foreign journalist in Kyrgyzstan

Nov 15, 2011

Twitter is a great tool for journalists to use when collecting information, but it can also be a valuable lifeline should they run into any trouble while reporting. A recent story posted by Foreign Policy tells the breathless tale of an American journalist arrested while working in Kyrgyzstan. He had been covering a protest when he was picked up by men claiming to be secret police. Fortunately for him, he was able to phone a friend before being taken away. This is the story of how his friends were able to use Twitter to locate him and start an immediate dialogue with the people in power who could help set him free.

Homepage photo by Alton, Creative Commons licensed.

WordPress Woes in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Jun 28, 2011

Our partners at neweurasia are reporting that access to the popular WordPress publishing platform has been cut off from users in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, creating severe headaches for bloggers working in the countries. Read More »

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