Youth@Work in Moldova

May 20, 2014

Youth in Moldova are taking the future into their own hands. It started with the United Nations Development Group’s decision to launch Post-2015 Dialogues on Implementation into 50 countries. Then, the UNDP, Emerson College’s Engagement Lab and the National Youth Council of Moldova formed a coalition to tackle the issue of development in Moldova. Read More »

Gamers cry foul over too many Soviet stereotypes

Aug 7, 2013

Despite receiving positive reviews following its release, ‘Company of Heroes 2’, the sequel to the extremely popular RTS (real-time strategy) game by Relic, has recently elicited a strong backlash emanating from countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States that has cut to the very heart of historical accuracy and regional politics, according to the video game news site Polygon. Read More »

Picturing a budget, one color at a time

Aug 2, 2013

An independent think tank in Moldova is trying to start debate about public money, and they are hoping to spark it with some very pretty pictures. Read More »

SICamp 2013 takes off in Moldova

Jul 26, 2013

SICamp Moldova 2013 will take place this weekend. Out of 152 applicants 45 were selected to work in teams to tackle nine different social issues using technology and new media. Read More »

Summer camp gets high tech in Moldova

Jul 23, 2013

Over the past spring, the Moldovan new-media NGO MediaPoint has been working with hundreds of youth across the country to get them up-to-speed on the ins and outs of social media, blogging, and web literacy.

Read More »

Web of Mystery

TIRASPOL | An unusual event took place 7 July in Tiraspol, the chief city of Transdniester, when a group of protesters gathered on a park square and called for a stop to the obstruction of websites critical of the government. It marked the first public demonstration against the administration of President Yevgeny Shevchuk since he came to power 18 months ago, pledging a more open style of governing in the unrecognized quasi-state of fewer than half a million inhabitants. Read More »

A paperless government in Moldova by 2014

Nov 30, 2012

E-government is one of the main priorities of the Moldovan government, and this is to ensure transparency and access to public services online. From 1 January 2014 the Moldovan government hopes to be completely non-reliant on paper. That’s because all documents will be circulated and signed electronically.
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Connecting the dots in new media and social innovation

Oct 19, 2012

Sometimes here at NetProphet it can be a little too easy to get caught up in all the things happening every day in our coverage region. Whether it’s a new crowdmapping platform or an increase in Net Freedom crackdowns, there’s always something interesting to report on.  This is why it’s important to step back and get to know some of the people involved in leading the forward march of social media across the region. Read More »

Odnoklassniki blocks largest social group in Moldova

Sep 13, 2012

On 31 August, the Russian social network Odnoklassniki blocked Nicolae Petrov, a young man of 18 who owned the largest group in Moldova entitled “Latest News from Moldova”. The community of 369,000 people discussed daily news in Moldova. Read More »

Social Innovation Camp Moldova 2012 comes to a conclusion

Aug 7, 2012

How to run an innovation event? Ask Moldovans. Read More »

Live blogging from Moldova’s SICamp 2012

Jul 28, 2012

Social Innovation Camp Moldova 2012 started this weekend. The event is dedicated to people who want to solve a social problem through information technologies.

Net Prophet presents you a LIVE TEXT session of the event:

(Photo gallery from the event on our facebook page) Read More »

The best 5 ideas will fight at SI Camp Moldova 2012!

Jul 26, 2012

SICamp Moldova 2012 will take place this weekend. Out of 134 applicants, only 25 were selected to work in teams on five ideas of projects with social impact. Read More »

The largest social network in Moldova closes

Jun 21, 2012

FACES.MD, the largest social network in Moldova was closed in May this year. Now the site is redirected to an online store. In 2004 -2009, the Moldovan network was a leader in Moldova. Almost every young person in the country had an account here, and the site formed a real community of people. Read More »

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