Move over, Berlin: Poland is the new playground for tech startups

Apr 24, 2014

You’re an entrepreneur, and you want to found a startup. You have an idea that’s sophisticated, adventurous, and could even develop a brand new business model for the tech world. If you could found your startup anywhere in the world, where would it be? San Francisco, Tel Aviv, New York, Berlin?

How about Poland?

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Digitalization wraps up in Poland: Bad news for broadcasters, good news for viewers?

Jul 18, 2013

As Poland has gradually switched from its antiqued analogue television system to a more updated digital system, four of the largest TV channels have experienced a sharp drop in viewers, while at the same time, the number of digital television users continues to grow. Read More »

Trading the Bachelor’s thesis for … Wikipedia

Typically, university students are warned to avoid citing Wikipedia in essays.

However, a few particularly forward-looking universities in Poland and Ukraine are urging their students to write articles for Wikipedia, rather than employing Wikipedia quotes for essays that would probably just ‘gather dust’ once they’ve been graded, according to the Global Post.

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Amazon seeking entry points to Central European markets

Jun 25, 2013

Amazon is on the verge of setting up an operation in Poland, Polish Radio reports, citing theRzeczpospolita daily and an unnamed source. But contrary to earlier reports, its new offices in Warsaw will concentrate on IT services rather than offering a full Polish version of its global online retail outlet.

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Storming the Castle

Jun 24, 2013

Jan Figel, a leading Slovak politician, should be a conservative and outwardly acts that way. He is chairman of the Christian Democratic Party and deputy chairman of the Slovak parliament. But perhaps because he was a European commissioner and picked up something in Europe, he let himself become, on 16 June, the first Central European politician to publicly try out Google Glass, a revolutionary toy in the history of the Internet and mobile technologies. Read More »

Piano Player

Oct 11, 2012

Over at TOL, we’ve been following developments rather closely of the Slovakia-born online paywall system known as Piano. This is a highly unusual story of a media-related innovation originating in our coverage region, but generating a lot of press in Western Europe and the United States (almost always, it’s the other way around). Read More »

Wikimedia turns to contest to boost photo bank

Oct 1, 2012

Participants worldwide are uploading their photos of local monuments to Wikimedia commons as part of Wiki Loves Monuments a global photography contest that aims to crowdsource high quality images for the online encyclopedia. Read More »

Polish software giant set to take control of Russian competitor

Sep 3, 2012

Poland’s biggest software maker is setting its sights on the fast-growing Russian market. Asseco Poland has signed a letter of intent to take a majority stake in a large Russian IT firm that serves the banking and financial sectors, Asseco chief executive Adam Goral said 27 August, Reuters reports. Read More »

Wiretapping increases across the EU and beyond

Jul 27, 2012

Wiretapping and retention of users’ data by government agencies has increased across Europe in the last years. The trend has been thoroughly analyzed in a report by the European Commission. Read More »

Polish media go Piano

Jul 18, 2012

In September, 42 Polish news websites will begin charging for their best online content in an attempt to gain revenue despite decreases in readership, according to The Associated Press. Read More »

Google takedown requests on the rise in Eastern Europe

Jul 5, 2012

Google released its transparency report for 2011 last month, revealing that more governments in Eastern Europe were monitoring the online activity of their citizens than ever before. Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Hungary appeared again, while Ukraine and the Czech Republic are on the list for the first time.

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Cold feet for ACTA in Central Europe

Feb 7, 2012

The Czech and Slovak governments announced on 6 February that they are halting the ratification process for the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, or ACTA, an international anti-piracy pact that has attracted increasing controversy over the past few weeks. Read More »

Thousands of Poles march against the possibility of Internet censorship

Jan 27, 2012

Last week, it was SOPA and a blacked-out Wikipedia, amid a wave of Internet protests against controversial U.S. legislation to stop online piracy. This week, the acronym is ACTA, with more than 10,000 people marching in the streets of Poland’s cities against an anti-counterfeiting treaty that they say will lead to Internet censorship. Read More »

New data suggest Russian Internet use will rise and rise

Nov 23, 2011

The largest country in Europe now boasts the most Internet users as well, new research shows. Read More »

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