Gamers cry foul over too many Soviet stereotypes

Aug 7, 2013

Despite receiving positive reviews following its release, ‘Company of Heroes 2’, the sequel to the extremely popular RTS (real-time strategy) game by Relic, has recently elicited a strong backlash emanating from countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States that has cut to the very heart of historical accuracy and regional politics, according to the video game news site Polygon. Read More »

Moscow to track subway riders’ mobile phones

Aug 5, 2013

Moscow’s metro system will soon be equipped with devices able to read data off people’s mobile phones.

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Russians, Ukrainian charged in ‘cutting edge’ global hacking scheme

Jul 30, 2013

Four Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged in what U.S. officials call the largest hacking attack in the country’s history, RIA Novosti reports.

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Sudden death of Yandex co-founder shakes RuNet

Jul 29, 2013

Ilya Segalovich, co-founder and chief technological officer of the Russian search engine Yandex, passed away 27 July, in a London hospital due to cancer-related causes. Read More »

Gazprom chief to get $4 million iPad

Jul 29, 2013

Russia Beyond the Headlines details  a tender for a new iPad custom-made for Gazprom chairman Alexei Miller. Read More »

The terrifying potential of a post-Navalny Russia

On the eve of being sentenced to a five-year term in a penal colony, Alexey Navalny blogged about puffer fish. The Russian opposition would be remiss to think of itself as a school of small fish being pursued by a big predatory fish (i.e. the Kremlin), he wrote on his blog. The predator was simply putting on an act to conceal its weakness.

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Religious group unveils violent anti-Pussy Riot game

Jul 15, 2013

Released by a Russian Orthodox youth organization, a new video game explicitly targets the feminist punk band Pussy Riot that became an international cause after its members were jailed for an antigovernment performance at a Moscow church last year, Reuters reports. Read More »

Russian security service gets old school to protect secrets

Jul 12, 2013

The recent allegations over the widespread extent of the America’s surveillance program have prompted Russia to regress to a more low-tech alternative to computers—typewriters. Read More »

Constitutional court upholds online defamation law

Jul 10, 2013

On 9 July, the Russian Constitutional Court in St. Petersburg ruled that website owners are responsible for the removal of defamatory information from their sites even if it was posted by a third party. Read More »

The day Russia’s libraries stood still

On July 2, 2013 three of Russia’s popular online libraries blocked user access to their websites and collections as a way to protest a new law aimed at combating internet piracy (see RuNet Echo coverage here [GV]), which passed Russia’s lower house of parliament on June 21, 2013. Read More »

A ‘new hope’ for United Russia

Jul 2, 2013

Not so long ago, in a country not so far way…

It is a period of a civic crackdown. Opposition leaders striking from all sides are trying to win their first victory against an evil empire. But the empire, losing ground on the virtual battlefield, hopes to bolster its forces with a new recruitment drive of … Jedi?

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Russian space program caught up in corruption case

Jun 28, 2013

The Baikonur space center, a Russian-leased launch site located in Kazakhstan, was the scene of a corruption case that resulted in the embezzlement of more than 15 million rubles ($456,000), RIA Novosti reports.

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Russia’s Internet party

Does Russia’s online community have anything resembling a common philosophy? New analysis of social media suggests the only idea shared right across the political spectrum is xenophobia. Emile Pain presents the research.

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Orphaned in US, SOPA finds home in Russia

America’s controversial Stop Online Piracy Act is back—and it’s poised to become law in a matter of weeks. Read More »

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