Kazakhstan suffers cyber attack

Jun 20, 2013

Kazakh citizens are under cyber attack. The attack in question is delivered through phishing emails, and is thought to be driven by an advanced persistent threat (APT) organisation, via software called NetTraveler.

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Revealing e-book shares Azerbaijan’s political secrets

Jun 18, 2013

An e-book produced by the ‘International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ) has been made freely available online and is aimed at pinpointing corruption in offshore accounts. In an effort to spread this information and to shed light on those involved, including a Kazakh banking tycoon and Russian corporate executive, the e-book details cases of corruption as well as providing summaries on those involved, and the information is spreading. Read More »

PRISM infects Russia with cyberwar scare

Brace yourself. The cyberwar is coming.
Since last week, when the world learned about PRISM, a vast and secret American electronic surveillance program, Russian state officials have expressed renewed concerns about foreign social networks posing a national security threat.

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The Moscow mayoral election will test Russia’s internet culture

When Moscow’s civil society exploded after national elections 18 months ago, pouring tens of thousands of protesters into the streets and electrifying a nascent class of Internet-connected “creatives,” it seemed to the world that the Putin regime was for the first time faltering. Read More »

Do Russian multimillionaires dream of synthetic brains?

Jun 7, 2013

Russian multimillionaire Dmitry Itskov has a plan to mass-produce human-like avatars that would grant immortality by uploading people’s brains and personalities for after they die. Read More » What’s wrong with Russia’s online petitions?

The Russian government-sponsored initiative [ru] to increase public participation in policy-making through an online petition process [GV], was met with suspicion even before its launch [GV] in April. Now, almost two months later, opposition bloggers are crying foul, claiming that the process has already been corrupted. Read More »

Russia’s VKontakte networking site banned by ‘mistake’

May 31, 2013

A “mistake” that saw Russia’s leading social network site blocked for several hours 24 May may have been meant as a warning to Russian Internet users, blogger Oleg Kozyrev tells Radio Free Europe. Read More »

Dimon Don’t Cry

The Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, doesn’t like his online nickname “Dimon,” but whatever we think of Dimon’s playground problems how does one stand up to online bullies? And why are so many of them Russian?

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Skolkovo police raid fuels Putin-Medvedev split speculation

Apr 22, 2013

On 18 April, Russian authorities searched the Moscow offices of the Skolkovo Foundation, a high-tech incubator, in a move certain to fuel speculation of a widening rift between Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Reuters reports. Read More »

How successful are websites in Russia? Ask the police

Apr 19, 2013

He’s the Mark Zuckerberg of Russia, creating the Motherland’s most popular social networking site, Vkontakte. And two years ago, Pavel Durov refused Russian security authorities’ order to remove an opposition group from the site. Read More »

Wikipedia’s suicide mission against Russian censors

Smoking cannabis is dangerous business for people the world over. In Russia, just writing about it online is apparently enough to run afoul of federal anti-drug police, as that nation’s Wikipedians learned last Friday, April 5, 2013. It was then that state officials first informed Wikimedia Russia, the Wikimedia Foundation’s local chapter, that the government has placed its “Cannabis Smoking” article [ru] on its blacklist of illegal websites. Read More »

Makers of Grozny-fire spoof video will help in cleanup

Apr 10, 2013

Two men who allegedly posted online a video making light of a skyscraper fire in Chechnya last week got a taste of the fury of the Russian republic’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, Radio Free Europe reports.   Read More »

All eyes on VK after Usmanov stock sale

Mar 15, 2013

Alisher Usmanov, Russia’s wealthiest man, sold a 7.4-percent stake in his company for approximately $530 million.  The 28 February move, while still leaving him still in control of with 58.1-percent of voting shares, has many guessing about just what he’s got planned. Read More »

Hackers find refuge in Soviet Internet relic

Mar 13, 2013

Following the release of stolen information of several top American officials and celebrities 11 March, a little-known Soviet corner of the Internet is coming in from the cold. Read More »

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