Chechen leader makes social network splash

Feb 22, 2013

What does an autocrat do with his spare time when he’s not busy stamping out the embers of rebellion? Apparently, he posts pictures of himself holding fuzzy baby chickens, donning historic military garb, or cuddling with a tiger. Read More »

Meteorite pelts Russia with tweets, memes, and scams

Feb 18, 2013

The meteorite that fell near the Russian industrial city of Chelyabinsk on 15 February sent shock waves around the RuNet and social networks worldwide. Read More »

YouTube sues Russian authorities over video ban

Feb 13, 2013

YouTube is suing the Russian consumer rights agency over a new law that restricts content, RIA Novosti reports. Read More »

Facebook stonewalls Yandex’s social search app

Feb 11, 2013

Yandex’s social search app has been shut down, for now.  Read More »

Russian Orthodox Church looks to salvation online

Feb 8, 2013

The Russian Orthodox Church is looking to improve its web presence after Patriarch Kirill voiced his concern over church’s reputation on the Internet. Read More »

Russia shutters more than 90 sites over child pornography

Feb 7, 2013

More than 90 Russian-registered websites have been shut down since January for content containing child pornography, according to a  4 February  announcement by the Interpol National Central Bureau, RIA Novosti reports.  Read More »

Yandex to expand its technological horizons

Feb 6, 2013

Internet giant Yandex has become the first Russian company to get access to the vast databases of the influential Swiss European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). Read More »

Russia hopes to get tough on cyber attacks

Feb 4, 2013

The Russian government has announced plans to beef up the state’s cyber security.  Although specifics of the plan have yet to be laid out, the Kremlin has said it’s first step will be to consolidate authority for fighting the problem under the nation’s internal security agency. Read More »

Roscosmos aims for Mars and plans to build on moon

Jan 29, 2013

With Mars on the mind, Russian space agency Roscosmos has announced plans for manned bases on the moon.

Read More »

New Russian website sets targets on apartment repairs

Dec 13, 2012

After struggling to coalesce the increasingly targeted Russian opposition movement, anti-corruption activist Aleksei Navalny has launched a website to tap into public frustration over poor conditions in Russian apartment blocks. And after a month online, the site seems to be hitting a nerve, The New York Times reports. Read More »

Moscow court orders removal of ‘extremist’ Pussy Riot online videos

Dec 3, 2012

Four videos made by the dissident punk band Pussy Riot are extremist, a Moscow court ruled 29 November, according to Radio Free Europe. Read More »

Interactive map charts Russia’s environmental problem areas

Nov 26, 2012
The Russian Geographic Society and news agency RIA Novosti have created a map of ecological hot spots in Russia, The St. Petersburg Times reports. Read More »

The Kremlin’s 21st-century thought police

Nov 14, 2012

Earlier this month, Russia’s controversial new Internet blacklist law went into effect, raising serious concerns from bloggers, activists, and human rights watchers. The law, with the particularly Orwellian name “On Amendments to Federal Law On Protecting Children from Information Harmful to Their Health and Development and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”, officially gives Kremlin agencies the legal right for deep surveillance of its citizenry. Read More »

Kremlin tells top officials to tone down their tweets

Nov 9, 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for establishing a new set of rules for Russian officials when they use social network websites, RIA Novosti reports. Read More »

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