The uses and abuses of fighting extremism on RuNet

The Internet is becoming ever more accessible in Russia, offering unlimited possibilities for the distribution of every kind of content. Cyberspace is also censored very minimally. This gives everyone an opportunity to speak their minds and cyber-antagonism is widespread in the Russian Internet community. Read More »

Blogger provides look into Russian war on terror

The anonymous LiveJournal blog hardingush [ru] was created on September 15, 2012. Now, less than two months later, the blog, subtitled Spetsnaz Ingushetii (Ingush Special Forces), is number 425th [ru] in LJ’s general user rating. Netizens have left over 4,000 comments on its various posts. Four of these posts also made it into the October top-25 list [ru] of North Caucasus bloggers (a monthly rating compiled by Moscow-based blogger timag82 [ru]). Read More »

Russia: With Opposition’s Online Elections Over, Scandals Plague Results

The Coordinating Council elections are finally over. Now that the results are in, and the Council has already convened [ru] for the first time, it’s time to look more closely at what happened. Read More »

Hooked on a feeling: The strange marriage of human rights and CAPTCHAs

Oct 23, 2012

About a month ago, the Swedish non-profit Civil Rights Defenders (CDR) released their version of CAPTCHA, the system that is used to verify that the user of the web site is a human (as opposed to a programmed robot). Read More »

Russia: Lawmaker Wants to Regulate Social Networks

In the echo-chamber of RuNet it is easy for bloggers to fall prey to sensationalist headlines. A case in point:

A few days ago several bloggers were incensed by the idea that a Duma committee responsible for legislating the Internet was going to propose a new law [ru] requiring passport identification for users of social networks. Read More »

Russia: Crowdmapping Corruption with Bribr Mobile App

Bribr [ru; App StoreFacebook] is a newly-launched iPhone/iPad app that allows anonymous users in Russia to submit the locations and the amounts of the bribes they pay. Later, it will be possible to report on the bribes taken as well. Read More »

Helpful resource: The Data Journalism Handbook (now in Russian)

Oct 17, 2012

The folks over at Data Driven Journalism have announced the release of the first translation of their Data Journalism Handbook – and it’s in Russian! Read More »

New Yandex browser escalates Russia’s search-engine wars

Oct 10, 2012

Last week Russia’s leading search engine Yandex launched its own web browser in an effort to stave off attempts by search giant Google to gain market share in Russia’s increasingly lucrative Internet space. Read More »

Ukraine: Humorous Political Ad Sparks Online “Pussy Cat Riot”

Half a month ago, after weeks of tension caused by the adoption of the controversial Language Law and in the midst of an intense pre-election mudslinging period, Ukrainians were finally rewarded with the much-needed comic relief. Read More »

Russia: The Kostin Report & the Trojan Horse of American ICT

Earlier this week, Russian media outlets got a sneak peek [ru] at an upcoming report on the foreign penetration of the Russian Internet and the potential manipulation of the country’s future elections. Read More »

Facebook founder seeks new talent in Russia

Oct 4, 2012

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev welcomed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to Moscow 1 October. Medvedev, an enthusiastic blogger and Twitter user, said he was one of Russia’s estimated 10 million users of the social networking site. Read More »

Russia: SocialCamp, Crowdsourcing and Open Data

A SocialCamp Russia ‘unconference’ took place in Moscow from 7th to 9th of September. Over the course of three days social activists spoke about projects aimed at raising awareness, improving mutual understanding, promoting philanthropy, and much more. Read More »

Wikimedia turns to contest to boost photo bank

Oct 1, 2012

Participants worldwide are uploading their photos of local monuments to Wikimedia commons as part of Wiki Loves Monuments a global photography contest that aims to crowdsource high quality images for the online encyclopedia. Read More »

Threats to net freedom increasing, diversifying

Sep 25, 2012

When it comes to the battle over the Internet, repressive governments have been pushing hard over the past year to gain greater control over what their citizens say and see online.  Read More »

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