Russian government edits Wikipedia page on Flight MH17

A Russian government official has been accused of editing the Russian-lanugage version of the MH17 Wikipedia page.

Malaysian Airline Flight, MH17, was shot down over eastern Ukraine on Thursday, 17 July. The flight was on a scheduled run from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur when it crashed, killing all 298 people onboard. In recent days, the focus has shifted from the crash itself to the topic of who is responsible. As the world started pointing fingers at Russia, President Putin immediately placed the blame on the Ukrainian military. Read More »

Ukrainians, Russians on Social Networks: ‘In Case of War, Everyone Will Lose!’

This post is part of our Special Coverage Ukraine’s #Euromaidan Protests.

Almost a week after being ousted, former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych surfaced in the Russian Federation, while Russian military forces have flooded Crimea, an autonomous region of Ukraine located on the Crimean Black Sea peninsula. Read More »

Ukrainian journalists take regime’s corruption public with YanukovychLeaks is a new website created by Ukrainian journalists to publish documents that were found in Victor Yanukovych’s residence. Many of them document evidence of massive corruption of the regime.

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Chronicles of Euromaidan: digging into the social media

Feb 14, 2014

“One morning, after the dissolution of the student protests on Maidan, we woke up in another country,”  said Pavlo Pedenko, one of the creators of Maidan Chronicles, as he explained the pretext of the idea to build a platform that preserves and gathers all the data from social media related to the Euromaidan movement in Ukraine. Read More »

Russians, Ukrainian charged in ‘cutting edge’ global hacking scheme

Jul 30, 2013

Four Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged in what U.S. officials call the largest hacking attack in the country’s history, RIA Novosti reports.

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U.S. bloggers courted to whitewash Ukraine’s Party of Regions

Jul 26, 2013

A proxy group working for Ukraine’s ruling Party of Regions organized a stealth public relations campaign in the States, contacting American conservative bloggers and paying them for favorable posts across social media platforms, according to BuzzFeed. The campaign started around the time of last fall’s parliamentary elections.

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Trading the Bachelor’s thesis for … Wikipedia

Typically, university students are warned to avoid citing Wikipedia in essays.

However, a few particularly forward-looking universities in Poland and Ukraine are urging their students to write articles for Wikipedia, rather than employing Wikipedia quotes for essays that would probably just ‘gather dust’ once they’ve been graded, according to the Global Post.

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U.S. calls Ukraine the pirate king

May 8, 2013

U.S. officials are calling Ukraine the world’s “worst abuser of intellectual property rights,” charging that Internet piracy there has gotten so bad that even government agencies are using illegal software, according to AFP. In response, U.S. trade officials said they are considering trade restrictions against Kyiv. Read More »

Ukraine: Humorous Political Ad Sparks Online “Pussy Cat Riot”

Half a month ago, after weeks of tension caused by the adoption of the controversial Language Law and in the midst of an intense pre-election mudslinging period, Ukrainians were finally rewarded with the much-needed comic relief. Read More »

Wikimedia turns to contest to boost photo bank

Oct 1, 2012

Participants worldwide are uploading their photos of local monuments to Wikimedia commons as part of Wiki Loves Monuments a global photography contest that aims to crowdsource high quality images for the online encyclopedia. Read More »

Know your politicians! Ukrainian website issues reports on MPs’ integrity

Aug 24, 2012

Knowing who your representatives are has never been easier in Ukraine, thanks to the Chesno (Honest) civic movement. The organization has launched a website where anyone can monitor Ukrainian parliamentary members and their level of integrity. Read More »

Google takedown requests on the rise in Eastern Europe

Jul 5, 2012

Google released its transparency report for 2011 last month, revealing that more governments in Eastern Europe were monitoring the online activity of their citizens than ever before. Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and Hungary appeared again, while Ukraine and the Czech Republic are on the list for the first time.

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The case of the Ukrainian websites that wouldn’t die

Feb 20, 2012

The Ukrainian government shut down two websites– and–earlier this month, only to reopen them days later. Read More »

Chuck Norris Facebook gag fools Ukrainian media

Nov 25, 2011

To celebrate Ukraine’s national language day earlier this month, Facebook user Fedir Gontsa photoshopped an image of American actor Chuck Norris holding a book written in Ukrainian.  Global Voices tells the story of how that small prank got mistaken for the truth and was reprinted in several Ukrainian news outlets with the story that Norris had met with Ukrainian expats in Canada.

Just goes to show, social media might be a great place to find new stories, but it is no replacement for old-fashioned just-the-facts reporting.

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