Gamers cry foul over too many Soviet stereotypes

Aug 7, 2013

Despite receiving positive reviews following its release, ‘Company of Heroes 2’, the sequel to the extremely popular RTS (real-time strategy) game by Relic, has recently elicited a strong backlash emanating from countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States that has cut to the very heart of historical accuracy and regional politics, according to the video game news site Polygon. Read More »

Uzbek entrepreneurs launch new social media site

Jul 23, 2013

Three Uzbek entrepreneurs have founded a new picture-sharing social media site called Modera, according to the Sacramento Press.

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Uzbekistan opens online public service website

Jul 3, 2013

In a sign of the continued rapid growth of Internet use in one of Central Asia’s most restrictive countries, Uzbekistan has unveiled an online single access point to state services, reports.

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Karimova gets schooled in Twitter debate

May 17, 2013

How does she manage it all?

Even though her schedule must be packed, Gulnara Karimova, an ambassador to the UN and daughter of Uzbekistan’s President Islam Karimov, still seems to find time to lecture human rights activists, though not too successfully. Read More »

CA overlooked again as Twitter crowdsources translation

Mar 20, 2013

Twitter has opened up its code for translation into more than 50 languages. This is a great opportunity for users all over the world to contribute to and adopt the platform in their own language.  Yet one region, as seems to be a growing trend, seems noticeably absent. Read More »

Bridging the digital divide (one Central Asian language at a time)

Mar 12, 2013

The localization of Skype into the Kyrgyz language in 2011 has been the first step to opening the world’s most popular messenger to the people who do not – surprise, surprise – speak Russian or English. Read More »

Hackers break into official Uzbek TV site to highlight media propaganda

Feb 1, 2013

Uzbeks visiting the state-run broadcaster’s official website on 30 January got a surprise: a short message reading, “The news you spread are lies!” The proclamation was the product of hackers who disabled the site then posted the message, RFE/RL reported. Read More »

New evidence emerges in TeliaSonera bribery case

Jan 15, 2013

Swedish prosecutors have filed new documents in an investigation into claims that Scandinavian mobile operator TeliaSonera paid hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to secure an operating license in Uzbekistan, according to Radio Free Europe. Read More »

Uzbekistan targets proxy servers in continued Net crackdown

Oct 12, 2012

Internet users in Uzbekistan have reported being blocked from accessing proxy servers, according to Uznews.
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Threats to net freedom increasing, diversifying

Sep 25, 2012

When it comes to the battle over the Internet, repressive governments have been pushing hard over the past year to gain greater control over what their citizens say and see online.  Read More »

Uzbekistan seizes MTS subsidiary

Sep 20, 2012

MTS, Russia’s largest mobile company, had its local Uzbekistan subsidiary seized by authorities and four of its manager’s sentenced following a court verdict on 17 September, reports Bloomberg. Read More »

Central Asia & Caucasus: The Promise and Pitfalls of New Election Technologies

In announcing that Georgia’s parliamentary elections would take place October 1, President Mikheil Saakashvili’s administration affirmed its commitment to conduct what one official said would be an “exemplary” vote. New technologies are helping election monitors hold officials to such pledges, but they still have limitations, experts say. Read More »

Uzbekistan cuts cell, Internet services during national exam

Aug 1, 2012

Uzbekistan authorities have ordered mobile operators to cut off Internet, text, and image messaging services to prevent students from cheating during the entry exams to universities on 1 August, writes RIA Novosti. Read More »

Fear and self-censorship on the Uzbek Internet

Jul 31, 2012

Uzbekistan has the most severe restrictions on Internet use in Central Asia, according to a recent report on the state of Internet and politics in the country. Read More »

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