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Meteorite pelts Russia with tweets, memes, and scams

Feb 18, 2013
The meteorite that fell near the Russian industrial city of Chelyabinsk on 15 February sent shock waves around the RuNet and social networks worldwide. Read More »

Georgia places high for net freedom, but some problems remain

Feb 14, 2013
Georgia’s Internet is generally free from government censorship, the newly published Transparency International Georgia’s report says. Last year, there was not a single case reported of websites blockages; nor were any bloggers or other online activists questioned arrested for their online activities, as it often happens in the neighboring countries. Read More »

YouTube sues Russian authorities over video ban

Feb 13, 2013
YouTube is suing the Russian consumer rights agency over a new law that restricts content, RIA Novosti reports. Read More »

In Belarus, gadgets gadgets everywhere nor any freedom to tweet

Feb 13, 2013
Perhaps you saw the funny quote in my news feed on Facebook that read: "This country looks like a post-apocalyptic world. Everyone has got gadgets, phones, and tablets - and around you see broken roads and loads of waste". Read More »

Azerbaijan puts first satellite into orbit

Feb 12, 2013
Azerbaijan successfully launched its first telecommunications satellite into orbit on 7 February. Read More »

Facebook stonewalls Yandex’s social search app

Feb 11, 2013
Yandex’s social search app has been shut down, for now.  Read More »

Russian Orthodox Church looks to salvation online

Feb 8, 2013
The Russian Orthodox Church is looking to improve its web presence after Patriarch Kirill voiced his concern over church’s reputation on the Internet. Read More »

Russia shutters more than 90 sites over child pornography

Feb 7, 2013
More than 90 Russian-registered websites have been shut down since January for content containing child pornography, according to a  4 February  announcement by the Interpol National Central Bureau, RIA Novosti reports.  Read More »

Yandex to expand its technological horizons

Feb 6, 2013
Internet giant Yandex has become the first Russian company to get access to the vast databases of the influential Swiss European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN). Read More »

That startup fever

Feb 5, 2013
Vladimir Funtikov, a 26-year-old Estonian businessman, already has behind him successful studies at university and the launch of several small technology companies, including Creative Mobile, which produces games for smart phones. Now he’s come up with a crazy idea: playing on cell phones should be taught as a subject at university because, among other reasons, his company – with offices in Tallinn, St. Petersburg, New York, and London employing 60 people – can’t find enough skilled developers and programmers.  Read More »

Russia hopes to get tough on cyber attacks

Feb 4, 2013
The Russian government has announced plans to beef up the state’s cyber security.  Although specifics of the plan have yet to be laid out, the Kremlin has said it’s first step will be to consolidate authority for fighting the problem under the nation’s internal security agency. Read More »

Hackers break into official Uzbek TV site to highlight media propaganda

Feb 1, 2013
Uzbeks visiting the state-run broadcaster’s official website on 30 January got a surprise: a short message reading, “The news you spread are lies!” The proclamation was the product of hackers who disabled the site then posted the message, RFE/RL reported. Read More »

Hackers warn Turkmenistan cybersecurity dreadfully low

Jan 31, 2013
On January 25th, the database of, the domain name registrar responsible for all .tm domain names, was breached. The full database of usernames and passwords was posted on the hackers' website Read More »

Roscosmos aims for Mars and plans to build on moon

Jan 29, 2013
With Mars on the mind, Russian space agency Roscosmos has announced plans for manned bases on the moon. Read More »
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